Social responsibility policy announcement


1. 禁用童工,如有誤用童工按照國際法規予以照顧至其完成法定學業為止。
2. 不強迫勞動。
3. 提供員工安全健康的工作環境
4. 給予員工自由集會結社的權利與建立良好的勞資溝通管道
5. 對於員工於聘用、教育訓練及升遷完全依據其工作能力,以不違反社會責任的前提下採取不歧視原則
6. 不懲罰勞工
7. 遵守勞動基準法及其相關規定的工作時間
8. 遵守勞動基準法及其相關規定的薪資並保障其薪資得以於公司所在區域生活
9. 建立管理系統以有效維護社會責任體系的運行,並建立稽核,審查,及持續改善制度,使企業社會責任更加完善
10. 加強對公司相關方 如:供應商、員工、股東、鄰近公司宣導本公司對社會責任的承諾


3.環境持續改善。(藉由 P-D-C-A 不斷循環改進,已達永續經營之目標)

Social responsibility policy announcement

1. Child labor is forbidden. If misused, in accordance with international regulations, the child labor will be taken care of until the completion of statuary studies.
2. No forced labor.
3. Provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment.
4. Provide employees the freedom of assembly and association, and establish good labor-management communication channels.
5. Based on the non-violating policy for the non-discrimination social responsibility, the employment, education, training and promotion of employees are based entirely on their working abilities.
6. Do not punish workers.
7. Working hours in compliance with the Labor Standards Law and related regulations.
8. Comply with the Labor Standards Law and related regulations and ensure that they can live in the area where the company is located.
9. Establish a management system to effectively maintain the operation of the social responsibility system. In order to complete the corporate social responsibility more, build audit, review, and continuously improve the system.
10. Strengthen the declaration of the company's commitment to social responsibility to the related parties such as: suppliers, employees, shareholders, and nearby companies.

Environmental policy

To continuously comply with environmental regulations, Prohero Optical Co., Ltd is committed to: 
1. Comply with environmental regulations. ( Compliance with government environmental regulations )
2. Reduce pollution in the environment. ( Green development , Waste reduction )
3. Continuously improvement in environmental responsibility. ( Perform P-D-C-A to continuously improve environment ) 
4. Reduce energy consumption ( Enhance energy control and reduce energy consumption)